Wendsday, 06.09.2017
Seiko - 22:40:22 pm
I'm just going to say that I'm going to take control of this country
Seiko - 22:38:55 pm

Monday, 28.08.2017
the sons of anarchy - 02:14:25 am

Wendsday, 21.06.2017
Adam Gerrys - 16:26:13 pm
Hey would u like to join our internationally renowned gang, if ur interested message me

Wendsday, 14.06.2017
latoyakayla - 10:53:34 am

Wendsday, 11.01.2017
schwingdeinding - 16:01:08 pm

Friday, 30.09.2016
Cataphrakt - 08:23:33 am
You have to walk there

Sunday, 25.09.2016
dead peat - 10:30:02 am
How do I make it so I can take over more places it say there too far
dead peat - 10:14:02 am
What up

Sunday, 31.07.2016
Cataphrakt - 07:50:57 am
Sup guys

Monday, 25.07.2016
rougue☆ - 18:58:26 pm
Hey mother fuckers
skip p - 13:48:41 pm
hey chat

Friday, 22.07.2016
Cataphrakt - 14:11:12 pm
Over where?
Aussie stompers - 02:12:43 am
It's a name, gonna be doing some travel over there soon and gonna take squares, looking for others to help out

Sunday, 10.07.2016
Cataphrakt - 08:55:51 am
Nobody uses this chat :/
dirty shat - 05:16:34 am

Saturday, 09.07.2016
dirty shat - 22:01:09 pm
anyone want to join from na west auck

Sunday, 03.07.2016
Cataphrakt - 03:32:56 am

Saturday, 02.07.2016
Antichrist Jesus - 22:47:11 pm
Try invite people from your country to play.

Thursday, 30.06.2016
Cataphrakt - 04:40:26 am
NZ chat is dead

Sunday, 19.06.2016
Cataphrakt - 21:42:03 pm
I'm from new Zealand
I'm new
Cataphrakt - 00:35:37 am

Thursday, 02.06.2016
Cataphrakt - 21:11:59 pm
There's only one of you

Tuesday, 24.05.2016
Cataphrakt - 04:48:31 am
Your username I mean
Cataphrakt - 04:48:14 am
Why is your name aussie stompers
Cataphrakt - 04:47:12 am
Good for you

Tuesday, 17.05.2016
Aussie stompers - 06:48:17 am
Ranked 4th in Australia and nearly about to get 3rd

Wendsday, 27.04.2016
Cataphrakt - 04:01:15 am
And Portugal and Bulgaria
Cataphrakt - 04:00:35 am
Cataphrakt - 04:00:17 am
M8 join ours, it's fifth

Friday, 15.04.2016
Aussie stompers - 03:49:53 am
Gang ranked 6th in Australia and would like to expand worldwide, looking for active members

Wendsday, 06.04.2016
Cataphrakt - 21:12:54 pm
ChadMizer - 07:37:06 am

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