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Saturday, 04.08.2018
AlCapone - 18:44:25 pm
*Country Ranking WorldCup*
Visit https://c17y.de/xtFvRN to see the news regarding the country reward pay-out.
Have fun!

Tuesday, 31.07.2018
AlCapone - 19:52:00 pm
The CD World Cup 2018 is over. Congrats to Zerberus2000! Visit https://c17y.de/RMtzaC to see the rankings 1-16. Good job!

dz Algeriaad Andorraar Argentinaam Armeniaau Australiaat Austriaaz Azerbaijanby Belarusbe Belgiumbo Boliviaba Bosnia and...br Brazilbg Bulgariaca Canadacl Chilecn Chinaco Colombiack Cook Islan...cr Costa Ricahr Croatiacz Czech Repu...dk Denmarkec Ecuadoreg Egyptfi Finlandfr Francege Georgiade Germanygr Greecegt Guatemalahu Hungaryid Indonesiair Iranil Israelit Italyjp Japanjo Jordanla Laoslv Latvialu Luxembourgmy Malaysiaml Malimx Mexicomd Moldovama Morocconl Netherland...an Netherland...nc New Caledo...nz New Zealan...no Norwayzz Otherspy Paraguaype Peruph Philippine...pl Polandpt Portugalro Romaniaru Russiasa Saudi Arab...kr South Kore...es Spainse Swedench Switzerlan...th Thailandtr Turkeyua Ukraineuk United Kin...gb United Kin...us United Sta...uy Uruguayva Vaticanve Venezuela