Saturday, 16.12.2017
Adam Gerrys - 13:52:35 pm
Mariachis have merged with Knights of Cydonia🎺⚔ making us the top gang in the UK!!! Were are seeking global domination any of you going for a new challenge should join us.

Thursday, 14.12.2017
Adam Gerrys - 13:22:44 pm
Anyone looking for a whopper gang join mariachis

Tuesday, 12.12.2017
Barry Bee Benson - 20:21:28 pm
Ya Like Jazz

Saturday, 09.12.2017
stokesleonardo7 - 12:31:20 pm
Hey guys join me

Thursday, 07.12.2017
Russian embassy - 08:38:46 am

Wendsday, 06.12.2017
... Gee ... - 20:48:00 pm
thats it.... ALF the alien. but you know I’ve probably too young to remember
... Gee ... - 20:43:05 pm
lol... what alien 👽 ate cats 🐈..!?

Wendsday, 29.11.2017
stokesleonardo7 - 07:57:22 am
To eat
stokesleonardo7 - 07:57:11 am
Looking for a cat

Thursday, 23.11.2017
Jxck.100 - 18:39:58 pm
jake boi

Wendsday, 22.11.2017
JakeBuckley - 11:52:17 am
AlCapone - 16:43:01 pm
Congratulation to the winners of the event "Here come the cops!". All rewards where paid out. To see all ranks of the event, visit ...

Friday, 17.11.2017
... Gee ... - 19:38:32 pm
looking for players in bristol to start up an old gang again... All welcome

Tuesday, 14.11.2017
Adam Gerrys - 16:19:15 pm
Here comes the cops 2017-11-11 Hey Gangster friend! The city's cops just launched a crusade against all the mafias in town! It's time to set our differences aside and unite to get rid of them once and for all...The gang's security before anything else. Make sure your areas are well garded.  The cops are launching an attack, you need to get men as quickly as possible. Their troops are on a raid, now is the moment to carry out the fatal blow. They're in disarray !! Put the local stations out of their misery and finish them! Nov 16 at 6 AM to Nov 20 at 12 PM (×tamp=1510354800&eventid=14)

Monday, 13.11.2017
Mad Stone McKray - 15:11:30 pm
For all of you who experience problems with loading the map, i.e. the territory tiles don't show on the map or only load after a few minutes: several players seem to experience the same issues. The devs are aware of the problem and are working on it, according to the German Ambassador.

Wendsday, 08.11.2017
☠️ BEAST ☠️ - 21:32:51 pm

Tuesday, 07.11.2017
Adam Gerrys - 20:18:05 pm
"Ambassador EN [07/11, 19:54] Attention! Tomorrow the server will be unavailable from 9am, it should be offline for about 1 hour. As you may have already seen, there is (again) an update, which you will have to install from tomorrow to get into the game. If you have problems, contact the support: "
Adam Gerrys - 19:53:55 pm
"Ambassador FR [07/11, 19:51] Good evening gangsters, From now on the updates will be obligatory like that of yesterday and that of the day. If your friends can not log in, just tell them to update. Good evening and good game! "

Monday, 30.10.2017
... Gee ... - 19:24:35 pm
looking for a new deputy to help build a new gang✊️⚔️👮👮‍♀️

Wendsday, 25.10.2017
... Gee ... - 06:46:48 am
morning all

Wendsday, 18.10.2017
Don Doom22 - 17:12:29 pm
Anyone looking for a gang

Tuesday, 17.10.2017
... Gee ... - 19:51:31 pm
looking to start my gang again feel free to join me if you're in a dead gang... thx Gee
Zyyexxyy - 12:34:57 pm

Friday, 13.10.2017
... Gee ... - 01:27:24 am
looking for bristol players to join KTUK

Wendsday, 11.10.2017
alienmariuhanero - 19:03:33 pm
alienmariuhanero - 19:03:21 pm
In* Spain
alienmariuhanero - 19:03:13 pm
Un Spain un the player 112 here im top 19

Sunday, 08.10.2017
Fubariow - 22:48:24 pm
I had pasta from for dinner

Tuesday, 03.10.2017
AwkwardButterfly - 22:50:59 pm
I also like pasta
El Irrompible - 17:38:13 pm
I like pasta

Monday, 02.10.2017
dontwannamess - 19:11:44 pm
back a man

Sunday, 01.10.2017
Adam Gerrys - 13:54:24 pm
Yellowsnow you need to be ganglevel 1

Saturday, 30.09.2017
ste rowe - 23:39:37 pm
Working ok for the Knights of Cydonia yellowsnow

Friday, 29.09.2017
Yellowsnow1986 - 23:23:46 pm
Anyone else not able to place HQ'S?

Thursday, 28.09.2017
AwkwardButterfly - 16:08:28 pm
hey hey

Tuesday, 26.09.2017
Matty B - 07:40:26 am
Hello all

Thursday, 14.09.2017
Mad Stone McKray - 12:42:27 pm
And yes, richy2017, this happens to me too on occasions.
Mad Stone McKray - 12:40:21 pm

Wendsday, 13.09.2017
Adam Gerrys - 16:24:34 pm
Go on to the weppage has place for bug reports
richy2017 - 14:13:31 pm
Anyone else android based on this game? I'm having problems opening the game app the time... very rarely the game opens straight away, it just closes and says the app stopped working...

Saturday, 09.09.2017
Yellowsnow1986 - 17:41:59 pm
Crazy Nosila McKray - 16:24:24 pm
However,if you still want to participate drop player Zeitgeist a message. He might be able to help.
Crazy Nosila McKray - 16:21:56 pm
Btw, gangs with fewer than 10 members cannot register via the site.

Friday, 08.09.2017
Mad Stone McKray - 16:57:40 pm
You should find all the information you need about this event and how to register on this website.
Mad Stone McKray - 16:50:28 pm
Sorry, here's the exact address:
Mad Stone McKray - 16:48:34 pm
Should any of you want to throw their gang's weight into this regular event, you can register on
Mad Stone McKray - 16:45:03 pm
"Ambassador AT II [08/09, 09:51] Cartelresults 08/2017 2017-09-02 Congrats to the Corleone Cartel. This month, you narrowly affirm the victory. Every gang that belongs to the Corleone gained +50,000 gang points. The Medellín Cartel gained +25,000 and the Triads Cartel gained +10,000 gang points."

Sunday, 27.08.2017
Mad Stone McKray - 18:47:31 pm
I just try and pass on the information we're given or collect from the German chat. Nothing worse than not knowing what's going on.

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