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Friday, 20.07.2018
... Gee ... - 12:44:12 pm
hi all

Thursday, 19.07.2018
AlCapone - 13:21:38 pm
Gold sale - up to 75% discount!

Visit and buy in our homepageshop, to get 5% gold and 2 non buyable wards in addition for free.


Continue and enjoy playing City Domination :)

Tuesday, 17.07.2018
... Gee ... - 17:29:49 pm
hi.. looking for Gangsters in the southwest of the uk 🇬🇧 to join me..
AlCapone - 10:51:18 am
Dear gangsters,
The City Domination World Cup is starting in a couple minutes (12 p.m. CET)! Good luck to every participant! Visit https://www.citydomination.games/?site=championchip#tables to see the live ranking

Sunday, 08.07.2018
🎺 Le Willou 🎺 - 19:01:53 pm
see you next time !
Mad Stone McKray - 18:59:38 pm
Bye everyone. I'll be back 😉. 🇬🇧👋🇦🇹

Saturday, 07.07.2018
Mad Stone McKray - 12:48:32 pm

Friday, 06.07.2018
Mad Stone McKray - 20:57:51 pm
Nice one. I only managed about 24 or so on a visit to Nottingham. 😁
🎺 Le Willou 🎺 - 20:46:54 pm
yeah destroyed a few in Edinburgh. And destroyed 15 on my way from London to Yorkshire 🔥🚄
Mad Stone McKray - 18:52:14 pm
And yourself, any success in Edinburgh?
Mad Stone McKray - 18:44:41 pm
Could get my hands on a few headquarters, which was nice. 😁
Mad Stone McKray - 18:43:48 pm
Can't complain
🎺 Le Willou 🎺 - 15:49:38 pm
how you doing mad stone ?
Mad Stone McKray - 10:03:05 am
Ey up 👋

Thursday, 05.07.2018
🎺 Le Willou 🎺 - 17:42:04 pm
Hello again ! ✌️

Sunday, 01.07.2018
Mad Stone McKray - 14:53:10 pm
Hello everyone

Monday, 25.06.2018
... Gee ... - 18:06:02 pm

Thursday, 21.06.2018
AlCapone - 21:06:29 pm
Hey gangsters,
We got a special announcement! The CD World Cup is coming. For further info pls visit http://www.citydomination.games/url/feINzQ

Thursday, 14.06.2018
Kevin_Corleone - 14:01:17 pm
join the Corleone Family

Sunday, 10.06.2018
🎺 Le Willou 🎺 - 01:49:52 am
big stag do weekend in Edinburgh

Saturday, 09.06.2018
Adam Gerrys - 18:57:16 pm
Hallhead - 09:46:45 am
Hi there

Thursday, 07.06.2018
🎺 Le Willou 🎺 - 23:16:30 pm
🎺 Mariachis 🎺 Hello UK

Wendsday, 06.06.2018
AlCapone - 21:16:41 pm
A couple days ago, the player Duff Taylor left us. In his community he was known as a warm-hearted and always positive person. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family & friends through this hard time. You'll always be part of this community.

Friday, 01.06.2018
☠️ BEAST ☠️ - 20:17:51 pm

Tuesday, 29.05.2018
AlCapone - 14:05:09 pm
Hi gangsters,
regarding to the server issues that are currently inhibiting your gameplay, there will be a server maintenance on Monday, 28 May from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (CET).

Saturday, 26.05.2018
sergent sextoys - 22:59:04 pm

Tuesday, 22.05.2018
... Gee ... - 18:31:42 pm
hi 👋

Monday, 21.05.2018
Mad Stone McKray - 23:03:54 pm
Ey up

Saturday, 19.05.2018
Silve - 19:17:47 pm
Hey all

Wendsday, 16.05.2018
Fubariow - 18:03:49 pm
Don't bother with HQ, I'll only come and smash them, yeah fighting talk
Adam Gerrys - 16:45:52 pm
You have to be gang level 1

Sunday, 13.05.2018
Nananight - 21:27:43 pm
i advise you to read help for more informations
Nananight - 21:26:44 pm
first gang level is required for HQ
lukestokes1992 - 11:44:40 am
lukestokes1992 - 11:43:49 am
Why can I not make a HQ?

Saturday, 12.05.2018
... Gee ... - 17:30:18 pm
hi all... If you are thinking of giving up or you have a dead gang ..then be nice and join me first so I can have your points And I will keep it going... as the nights Templars will never die.... lol thanks Gee KTUK

Monday, 14.05.2018
AlCapone - 10:52:44 am
Today we will maintain the server.
It may be that the game will go offline.
The maintenance time will be between 21 and 24 o'clock (MET).
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Saturday, 12.05.2018
Adam Gerrys - 00:13:50 am
@...Gee.. All the english chat is you asking a pretty much 0 player base to join 😂

Friday, 11.05.2018
... Gee ... - 01:32:12 am
hi all... feel free to join ✊️⚔️🇬🇧

Saturday, 28.04.2018
AlCapone - 09:08:33 am
Dear players,
As you realized, the gameplay isn’t as smooth as before the update. Especially collecting missions at a higher speed seems to be complicated. We are working on it and hope to inform you soon that it’s fixed. Thank you for your understanding.

Saturday, 21.04.2018
Adam Gerrys - 18:04:14 pm
Adam Gerrys - 18:04:08 pm
From what🤗

Thursday, 19.04.2018
... Gee ... - 16:19:17 pm
join me and help save the world 🌍 lol 😂

Tuesday, 17.04.2018
... Gee ... - 18:26:30 pm

Wendsday, 11.04.2018
davodav7777 - 18:05:31 pm
it is a large number
davodav7777 - 18:05:13 pm
more than 3
davodav7777 - 18:05:05 pm
davodav7777 - 18:05:00 pm
i’m really fast

Saturday, 07.04.2018
Lankyshire - 07:22:46 am
Hey hallhead. Thanks for the join offers. Need to see if I can be bothered straying again from zero turf.

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