Wendsday, 22.11.2017
AlCapone - 16:43:01 pm
Congratulation to the winners of the event "Here come the cops!". All rewards where paid out. To see all ranks of the event, visit ...

Monday, 13.11.2017
inSANeD - 06:22:16 am
Hello India

Saturday, 09.09.2017
inSANeD - 23:41:47 pm
Dhruv. Sent an invite. India gang. Biggest and active in india

Tuesday, 05.09.2017
Dhruveah - 18:03:57 pm
Join India gang
Dhruveah - 18:00:28 pm

Sunday, 16.07.2017
wildleo - 10:41:26 am

Saturday, 15.07.2017
inSANeD - 14:34:18 pm
Greetings fellow mafia

Monday, 19.06.2017
islandberserker - 13:30:01 pm
Would someone like to join one of the top fans in the world? The genuine L.E.G., League of Elite Gentlemen? We shall teach you everything you will want to know.

Thursday, 16.03.2017
༄Scarface༄ - 12:40:35 pm
anyone here wanna be a part of one of the biggest gangs, leave me a message. Thank You
༄Scarface༄ - 12:30:09 pm
Don M. - 06:04:42 am
Hi all

Wendsday, 01.03.2017
SIR GAURAV - 17:45:21 pm
Is anyone online?
SIR GAURAV - 17:42:51 pm
Who lives in Kathe lane among you all?
SIR GAURAV - 17:42:23 pm

Wendsday, 22.02.2017
༄Scarface༄ - 19:45:25 pm
hi saikat. finally I see someone talking here after two fûcking days lol
saikat das - 15:46:42 pm
Hi everyone

Monday, 20.02.2017
༄Scarface༄ - 09:52:37 am
I can hear myself lol
༄Scarface༄ - 09:52:30 am
༄Scarface༄ - 07:26:12 am
nobody talks here?? wtf

Sunday, 19.02.2017
༄Scarface༄ - 15:07:18 pm
hi all

Monday, 30.01.2017
simon mogelewich - 10:49:45 am
Wanna anyone join my gang my leader will make you deputy within 8 days

Thursday, 19.01.2017
indian1991 - 16:41:16 pm
Any one new
indian1991 - 16:41:03 pm
Any new

Sunday, 18.12.2016
ADVIKA - 14:38:46 pm

Thursday, 01.12.2016
zionlion - 22:57:29 pm
Word. Come join our gang, we can teach you how to dominate India.

Wendsday, 09.11.2016
⭐вσяι¢υα⭐ - 20:44:29 pm
@⭐⭐Don Ovando⭐⭐ welcome to india tum kaise ho ?
⭐вσяι¢υα⭐ - 20:43:38 pm

Saturday, 05.11.2016
Damian Ovando - 13:30:33 pm
@skt_tebasile91 👻👻 These everywhere, and I'm afraid 🙈
Damian Ovando - 13:27:55 pm
@Maledetto [05/11, 10:18] Hola amigos de inglaterra" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Maledetto, you're wrong. This Chat is from India. and most likely they do not understand Spanish

Tuesday, 01.11.2016
⭐вσяι¢υα⭐ - 15:44:02 pm

Friday, 28.10.2016
Johndark - 10:38:52 am
I am frm india

Monday, 24.10.2016
⭐вσяι¢υα⭐ - 17:19:27 pm
see my private msg
GodFather BB - 12:27:07 pm
I can't click that make a HQ
GodFather BB - 12:26:45 pm
How to make a HQ

Tuesday, 11.10.2016
⭐вσяι¢υα⭐ - 21:43:08 pm
Kaise ho india?

Monday, 10.10.2016
Maledetto - 03:15:53 am
Hola amigos de inglaterra

Friday, 07.10.2016
RuStY474 - 10:38:54 am

Thursday, 29.09.2016
⭐вσяι¢υα⭐ - 07:57:42 am
Hey Woma
⭐вσяι¢υα⭐ - 07:57:21 am

Sunday, 25.09.2016
RuStY474 - 11:48:11 am

Friday, 23.09.2016
⭐вσяι¢υα⭐ - 15:57:54 pm
⭐вσяι¢υα⭐ - 15:57:49 pm
⭐вσяι¢υα⭐ - 15:56:44 pm

Tuesday, 20.09.2016
EVIL PRINCE - 17:21:42 pm
Need someone to teach me
EVIL PRINCE - 17:21:22 pm
I am new here

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