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Sunday, 22.07.2018
=SOAR= - 15:41:04 pm
Whats up friends! Hows everyone?
PIMP G-RIZZY - 00:38:31 am
PIMP G-RIZZY - 00:38:24 am

Friday, 20.07.2018
Jokar Ali - 05:21:05 am
But there is something real about aliens...😮😮

Thursday, 19.07.2018
A Blicky With A Stiffy - 22:23:46 pm
there’s nothing real about a mafia ninja...ijs
Ninja! - 21:48:45 pm
Join LOL real mafia
PIMP G-RIZZY - 19:27:55 pm
MafiaMaxx99 - 18:59:06 pm
Aliens are on our way
AlCapone - 13:21:38 pm
Gold sale - up to 75% discount!

Visit and buy in our homepageshop, to get 5% gold and 2 non buyable wards in addition for free.


Continue and enjoy playing City Domination :)
GohabsGo - 00:09:27 am

Wendsday, 18.07.2018
Jokar Ali - 21:28:30 pm
I am....terra!
PIMP G-RIZZY - 10:31:40 am
Wth 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
☠️ BEAST ☠️ - 03:14:16 am
Forbidden Spaz - 01:33:33 am
Where's terra? 🤔😂
Forbidden Spaz - 01:31:52 am
Maybe that's what his problem is bwhahahaha he drank the kool-aid
jennytwotimes - 01:23:45 am
"MafiaMaxx99 [17/07, 17:22] Aliens are in this world aliens are in Minnesota you're on your way"
someone get this guy a glass of kool-aid.
Forbidden Spaz - 00:52:11 am
Wow 😂😂😂
Jokar Ali - 00:15:38 am
Good. Let the aliens kill us. We deserve it.

Tuesday, 17.07.2018
MafiaMaxx99 - 23:25:09 pm
Aliens want to kill us they're mad at us they don't like us no one friends of us in our friends are mean aliens he's on the Square and Tack you he's in our grade draft for us to be here any minute
MafiaMaxx99 - 23:24:12 pm
Aliens are on our way going to tackle soul aliens aren't going to be here any minute in the world he's a grey aliens 2018 I'm going to war aliens on our way
MafiaMaxx99 - 23:23:47 pm
We're going War aliens. On our way here to attack us all to be here in 2 minutes to let me address these are great aliens 2018 are you a fool and Minnesota landed is in the world right now attacking people is UFOs in Minnesota right now we're on our way here aliens are over here any second any minute aliens we arrived and I spoke to aliens or a follow us if you hear any second I spoke to him there right aliens
MafiaMaxx99 - 23:20:39 pm
These are grey aliens I'm talking about you're going to be everywhere in this world on our way to the world will be here in 2 minutes
MafiaMaxx99 - 23:18:22 pm
Aliens are in Minnesota driving where and towns in the world any second aliens in the world any second they're coming down the sky any minute aliens are coming where are the coming through the world aliens
MafiaMaxx99 - 23:17:02 pm
Aliens are in this world aliens are in Minnesota you're on your way
MafiaMaxx99 - 23:14:05 pm
Aliens are on our way there in the sky drive aware and this world coming in the world
donny coppola - 21:11:42 pm
good evening
PIMP G-RIZZY - 04:57:02 am
PIMP G-RIZZY - 04:56:44 am
Damb beast
☠️ BEAST ☠️ - 00:37:37 am
☠️ BEAST ☠️ - 00:25:31 am
this guy is garbage

Monday, 16.07.2018
PIMP G-RIZZY - 23:57:29 pm
A Blicky With A Stiffy - 21:00:12 pm
shhhh! most Americans would never know 😝
☠️ BEAST ☠️ - 19:57:25 pm
damn France spanked Croatia though
EL Cachón - 12:12:05 pm

Sunday, 15.07.2018
A Blicky With A Stiffy - 21:03:41 pm
Croatia will always be the best 🇭🇷😝

Tuesday, 17.07.2018
AlCapone - 10:51:18 am
Dear gangsters,
The City Domination World Cup is starting in a couple minutes (12 p.m. CET)! Good luck to every participant! Visit https://www.citydomination.games/?site=championchip#tables to see the live ranking

Saturday, 14.07.2018
A Blicky With A Stiffy - 18:19:40 pm
that part 👆🏾🤪
☠️ BEAST ☠️ - 16:16:42 pm
dropping serious gold.
☠️ BEAST ☠️ - 16:15:08 pm
lol at that euro player spending his vacation in NY playing this game 😂
Sonnino - 08:33:07 am
=SOAR= - 01:28:18 am
Join my gang
Mr.Stepehn - 00:10:20 am
Join my gang

Friday, 13.07.2018
=SOAR= - 23:30:54 pm
Ermergerd skurttles
PIMP G-RIZZY - 22:14:05 pm
PIMP G-RIZZY - 22:13:41 pm
SkribblEz - 19:40:45 pm

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