Tuesday, 19.09.2017
PABLO ESCOBAR SG - 05:45:21 am

Tuesday, 22.08.2017
PABLO ESCOBAR SG - 12:21:13 pm

Sunday, 06.08.2017
PABLO ESCOBAR SG - 20:20:12 pm

Thursday, 03.08.2017
ijacky - 05:11:28 am

Tuesday, 20.06.2017
Joe Luis - 08:52:05 am
Fuck this guy.. forget about it.. do what u have to do.. make ur own cash..wanna have a deal anytime?i'll be intouch aight!

Friday, 16.06.2017
PABLO ESCOBAR SG - 21:50:32 pm

Monday, 17.04.2017
PABLO ESCOBAR SG - 07:52:14 am

Saturday, 15.04.2017
PABLO ESCOBAR SG - 05:30:45 am
Don Laroye - 05:29:38 am
Sorry i have an ego, i wont join you noatter how much you beg hahaha
PABLO ESCOBAR SG - 05:29:15 am

Friday, 14.04.2017
NiHiLiST - 11:00:47 am
p.s don laroye ist not welcome😂
NiHiLiST - 11:00:08 am
Hello fellas,i am search for new members for Part of one of the strongest Teams in this game..

Tuesday, 11.04.2017
Don Laroye - 13:48:06 pm
Bye2 le cartel i think you should quit hahaha
yahyarahmat - 09:41:41 am
Join me

Thursday, 30.03.2017
PABLO ESCOBAR SG - 07:24:09 am
Bye2 warrior QG

Tuesday, 21.03.2017
Man Cathay - 12:29:14 pm

Friday, 17.03.2017
buntong saitan - 06:13:19 am

Sunday, 12.03.2017
PABLO ESCOBAR SG - 22:45:37 pm

Saturday, 04.02.2017
Don Laroye - 16:24:58 pm
Ean Luciano - 13:10:21 pm
Anyone still playing this game?
Ean Luciano - 07:30:56 am

Monday, 30.01.2017
PABLO ESCOBAR SG - 12:13:45 pm
Bye2 warriors

Tuesday, 20.12.2016
mc mobster - 10:26:40 am
✌️️✌️️ anyone active here?

Sunday, 02.10.2016
Lord Rentap - 13:15:05 pm
Sarawakian join here please

Thursday, 01.09.2016
Izaki_ - 09:01:57 am
now getting hard

Saturday, 13.08.2016
Charlie "Lucky" Luciano - 09:06:54 am
Charlie "Lucky" Luciano - 09:06:41 am
Don laroye we just whopped your gang's sorry asses in bloodyhands hahahah good fight

Friday, 12.08.2016
jamie reaper - 10:40:31 am
Lol who wants to join me yaaa
Charlie "Lucky" Luciano - 10:33:00 am
Haha me and the boys have retired from this one and going all out fun in bloodyhands. Definitely more challenging, like i said more mafia like gameplay. See if u can spot us don laroye. In the top 50 gang world ranking, you might wanna join us hahaha

Thursday, 11.08.2016
Don Laroye - 16:22:36 pm
Hahaha, seems like you spotted me. Whats your name there? Maybe i can add you
Charlie "Lucky" Luciano - 14:24:24 pm
Not pokemon go. Bloody hands Newyork Families... Hahaha thats more mafia like gameplay. Nice seeing you playing too don laroye. Master Sgt ranking huh...

Monday, 08.08.2016
Don Laroye - 05:50:13 am
I got a feeling after pokemon go this game will die out soon

Tuesday, 02.08.2016
Awanblack - 19:06:51 pm
Any singaporean

Thursday, 28.07.2016
Charlie "Lucky" Luciano - 09:15:01 am

Thursday, 21.07.2016
Saviour - 15:30:38 pm

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