Mittwoch, 19.07.2017
El Fredo - 14:24:55 pm

Mittwoch, 21.06.2017
Adam Gerrys - 16:17:41 pm
Hey would u like to join our internationally renowned gang, if ur interested message me

Donnerstag, 15.06.2017
👐 Cabillo31 👐 - 22:00:13 pm
UK seems to sleep since the 16/03 😂 I come to london in the beginning of july , please leave the Lucid Vision HQ , i will loooove to take it 😂

Donnerstag, 16.03.2017
༄Scarface༄ - 12:30:52 pm
hi all

Samstag, 03.12.2016
Ninja! - 02:17:50 am
The G Culture needs you

Donnerstag, 01.12.2016
zionlion - 23:00:50 pm
Cheaters are everywhere now

Montag, 21.11.2016
$GUCCI● FLIP● FLOPS!$ - 00:39:50 am
Anyone from the uk tryna jump to USA and join

Sonntag, 25.09.2016
nico el frances - 01:59:36 am

Donnerstag, 15.09.2016
Ninja! - 14:22:06 pm
Hello Hi Hola

Mittwoch, 14.09.2016
kirill z killer - 17:52:44 pm
Dr. Luciano - 00:04:04 am
And if it's important, cheater is Russian
Dr. Luciano - 00:03:22 am
Helloes, could you guys tell me where I can report on cheater? Do not send me on forums, they didn't activate my account even after 3 weeks. TY

Samstag, 10.09.2016
Ninja! - 22:54:11 pm

Montag, 15.08.2016
Tavor - 00:47:55 am
Join to EMPIRE

Dienstag, 26.07.2016
Tavor - 07:56:04 am
"RUBIN Tools-ovi [23/05, 00:05] Hi what about create United ambassadors gang from all countries? Write in private if interesting" lol no one.

Freitag, 08.07.2016
Antichrist Jesus - 05:12:51 am

Samstag, 04.06.2016
sm1986cfc - 02:59:18 am
Hey mere muggles. if uve wrote \uk instead of \gb then your a tard just like me.if you are a fellow tard our gang needs u

Sonntag, 29.05.2016
TerrAffinity - 04:49:15 am
Greetings Mortals

Sonntag, 22.05.2016
Tony Soprano [Rubin] - 20:05:05 pm
Hi what about create United ambassadors gang from all countries? Write in private if interesting

Sonntag, 01.05.2016
✡6~Point~Crusader✡ - 03:58:44 am
not gonna find em here

Freitag, 15.04.2016
Aussie stompers - 03:44:08 am
Gang ranked 6th in Australia and would like to go worldwide, looking for active members to expand

Samstag, 09.04.2016
✡6~Point~Crusader✡ - 21:45:45 pm

Freitag, 08.04.2016
WOLFO - 05:55:30 am
Uk people got better things to do 😂
WOLFO - 05:54:53 am
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ J O I N . U S !! 🐺W O L F 🔥 G A N G🐺 W O R L D W I D E A N D . C O N Q U E R ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
WOLFO - 05:54:41 am
Must be dead Therd because worldwide theres more action 😈😈😈

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