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Tuesday, 20.03.2018
AlCapone - 20:21:43 pm
Hey gangsters,
Happy belated St. Patrick's Day!


Thursday, 15.03.2018
Zlatan-KzK - 17:58:14 pm
KzK will rule the world! come and join us to be strong and get a great challenge ;)
AlCapone - 21:19:22 pm
Hey gangsters!
The cops are chasing Capone & his henchmen and caused some provider problems on https://www.citydomination.games/

We give notice when the pursuit is over.

Sunday, 11.03.2018
AlCapone - 20:05:09 pm
Hey gangsters,

A new building is coming! See more on https://www.facebook.com/CityDomination/posts/1982243438469713

Saturday, 03.03.2018
AlCapone - 11:24:33 am
Dear players,
The Vendetta Week has started again!
Period: 1 March, 12 p.m. - 8 March, 12 p.m.
For further info please visit https://www.citydomination.games/?site=calender×tamp=1519858800&eventid=6&language=en
Have fun!

Saturday, 10.02.2018
AlCapone - 20:34:38 pm
Hey gangsters!

The rewards of the "Drop the Bomb" event were paid out. To see your ranking and rewards please visit https://www.facebook.com/CityDomination/posts/1946028262091231

Have fun!

Saturday, 03.02.2018
AlCapone - 20:15:47 pm
Dear gangsters,
please check out the latest news regarding to the update of the zero defense squares on https://www.facebook.com/CityDomination/posts/1938108496216541
AlCapone - 10:15:32 am
The event "Drop the bomb" is playable since midnight until 2018-02-06

For further informations visit https://www.citydomination.games/?site=dropthebomb

Monday, 25.12.2017
AlCapone - 18:54:08 pm


For every Like AND every Sharing (we will count it together) on this post, every active* Player will get 5x Gold.
Example: 20 Likes and 20 Shares = 200 Gold for every active* Player.

This Event ends on 31.12.2017

*must have been logged in during December 2017

Wendsday, 20.12.2017
AlCapone - 16:29:20 pm
Congratulation to the winners of the event "Coke in stock". All rewards where paid out. To see all ranks of the event, visit https://www.citydomination.games/?site=events&eventid=4

Wendsday, 06.12.2017
Ninja! - 01:11:01 am

Monday, 27.11.2017
El Fredo - 22:23:58 pm
Hello Folks,

im looking for an Ambassador for UK - If anyone is interested please contact me.

Thanks alot.


Wendsday, 22.11.2017
AlCapone - 16:43:01 pm
Congratulation to the winners of the event "Here come the cops!". All rewards where paid out. To see all ranks of the event, visit https://www.citydomination.games/?site=events&eventid=3 ...

Friday, 27.10.2017
Ninja! - 14:45:56 pm

Wendsday, 19.07.2017
El Fredo - 14:24:55 pm

Wendsday, 21.06.2017
Adam Gerrys - 16:17:41 pm
Hey would u like to join our internationally renowned gang, if ur interested message me

Thursday, 15.06.2017
👐 Cabillo31 👐 - 22:00:13 pm
UK seems to sleep since the 16/03 😂 I come to london in the beginning of july , please leave the Lucid Vision HQ , i will loooove to take it 😂

Thursday, 16.03.2017
༄Scarface༄ - 12:30:52 pm
hi all

Saturday, 03.12.2016
Ninja! - 02:17:50 am
The G Culture needs you

Thursday, 01.12.2016
zionlion - 23:00:50 pm
Cheaters are everywhere now

Monday, 21.11.2016
$GUCCI● FLIP● FLOPS!$ - 00:39:50 am
Anyone from the uk tryna jump to USA and join

Sunday, 25.09.2016
nico el frances - 01:59:36 am

Thursday, 15.09.2016
Ninja! - 14:22:06 pm
Hello Hi Hola

Wendsday, 14.09.2016
kirill z killer - 17:52:44 pm
Dr. Luciano - 00:04:04 am
And if it's important, cheater is Russian
Dr. Luciano - 00:03:22 am
Helloes, could you guys tell me where I can report on cheater? Do not send me on forums, they didn't activate my account even after 3 weeks. TY

Saturday, 10.09.2016
Ninja! - 22:54:11 pm

Monday, 15.08.2016
Tavor - 00:47:55 am
Join to EMPIRE

Tuesday, 26.07.2016
Tavor - 07:56:04 am
"RUBIN Tools-ovi [23/05, 00:05] Hi what about create United ambassadors gang from all countries? Write in private if interesting" lol no one.

Friday, 08.07.2016
Antichrist Jesus - 05:12:51 am

Saturday, 04.06.2016
sm1986cfc - 02:59:18 am
Hey mere muggles. if uve wrote \uk instead of \gb then your a tard just like me.if you are a fellow tard our gang needs u

Sunday, 29.05.2016
TerrAffinity - 04:49:15 am
Greetings Mortals www.bitly.com/T8T_Poster

Sunday, 22.05.2016
RUBIN Volk - 20:05:05 pm
Hi what about create United ambassadors gang from all countries? Write in private if interesting

Sunday, 01.05.2016
✡6~Point~Crusader✡ - 03:58:44 am
not gonna find em here

Saturday, 09.04.2016
✡6~Point~Crusader✡ - 21:45:45 pm

Friday, 08.04.2016
WOLFO - 05:55:30 am
Uk people got better things to do 😂
WOLFO - 05:54:53 am

J O I N . U S !!

🐺W O L F 🔥 G A N G🐺

A N D . C O N Q U E R

WOLFO - 05:54:41 am
Must be dead Therd because worldwide theres more action 😈😈😈

af Afghanista...ax Aland Isla...al Albaniadz Algeriaad Andorraar Argentinaam Armeniaau Australiaat Austriaaz Azerbaijanbh Bahrainbd Bangladeshby Belarusbe Belgiumbm Bermudabt Bhutanbo Boliviaba Bosnia and...br Brazilbg Bulgariabf Burkina Fa...bi Burundikh Cambodiaca Canadacl Chilecn Chinacc Cocos Isla...co Colombiacr Costa Ricahr Croatiacu Cubacy Cypruscz Czech Repu...cd Democratic...dk Denmarkdo Dominican ...ec Ecuadoreg Egyptsv El Salvado...er Eritreafi Finlandfr Francega Gabonge Georgiade Germanygh Ghanagr Greecegp Guadeloupegu Guamgt Guatemalagn Guineaht Haitihn Hondurashk Hong Konghu Hungaryis Icelandin Indiaid Indonesiair Iraniq Iraqie Irelandil Israelit Italyci Ivory Coas...jp Japanjo Jordankz Kazakhstanki Kiribatikg Kyrgyzstanla Laoslv Latvialb Lebanonli Liechtenst...lt Lithuanialu Luxembourgmk Macedoniamy Malaysiamt Maltamq Martiniquemu Mauritiusmx Mexicomd Moldovamc Monacoma Moroccomm Myanmarnp Nepalnl Netherland...nc New Caledo...nz New Zealan...ni Nicaraguano Norwaypk Pakistanpa Panamapy Paraguaype Peruph Philippine...pl Polandpt Portugalpi Principepr Puerto Ric...qa Qatarcg Republic o...re Reunionro Romaniaru Russiakn Saint Kitt...lc Saint Luci...sm San Marinost Sao Tome a...sa Saudi Arab...sn Senegalrs Serbiasc Seychellessl Sierra Leo...sg Singaporesk Slovakiasi Sloveniaza South Afri...kr South Kore...es Spainsr Surinamese Swedench Switzerlan...sy Syriatw Taiwantj Tajikistantz Tanzaniath Thailandtg Togotk Tokelauto Tongatn Tunisiatr Turkeytm Turkmenist...ug Ugandaua Ukraineae United Ara...uk United Kin...gb United Kin...us United Sta...uy Uruguayuz Uzbekistanve Venezuelavn Vietnameh Western Sa...zw Zimbabwe