Range recalculation

Hello community,

we know that some things didn't work correctly in the past. Since the beginning of CD some players used bugs to increase their radius higher than the maximum of 7,2. We have decided to give all players equal chances. Therefore, we will recalculate your correct radius.
If it affects you, you will receive a private message from El Fredo that forwards you to a website.
If not - just relax :)

Ty for your attention. Have a nice weekend.

Homepage traducation

Hi gangsters,

the homepage has been translated by the ambassadors into the respective languages that you are able to understand and use the content better .

Currently, we are working on a security update which will be released in the next few days. After this, we will present you new game content and start events.

Al Capone

Cartelresults 08/2017

Congrats to the Corleone Cartel. This month, you affirmed the victory.

Every gang that belongs to the Corleone gained +50,000 gang points. The Triads Cartel gained +25,000 and the Medellín Cartel gained +10,000 gang points.


Whew - we did it: 
welcome to the new server.

The last days were harder than expected. Great praise for your stamina: we would like to thank you in the form of 1308 gold bars (it seems Capone luckily didn't lose his sense of humor).

Beside the speed, we also - watch out guys, now comes what everyone had been waiting for to happen: FIXED THE HQ "BUG".

Oh and the badges, too.

But this doesn't mean that we lean back now.
No, we got lots of other things under construction!

- fictive position bug
- iOS notifications 

are next. We (the Support Team) and the Developers read (almost) every chat. We really take your criticism and feedback to heart but please understand that we cannot implement it immediately. Some things we already realized without the help of the devs: Hell_Bots, Cartels, Website Statistics.

Now, that the main functions are working again, it's time for some Events and Gold Sales or what do you think?

Stay tuned!

Your CD-Team

New Bots available!
As Boss: add "Bots_allow" to your own player description to allow your gang mates to use the Bots!
As Player: add "Hell_Bot" to your own player description and the Bots will attack you.
For more information ask your Ambassador!