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Prelude to New Year’s Eve

El Fredo: "Hey dude, you are late - Al will have a talk soon. Take a seat, light a cigarette and take one or two drinks."

You take a look around and spotted a free seat near Charlotta. She discovered you and beckoned you to sit next to her .

Charlotta: "Welcome darling. I began to believe that you could resist me. Shame on you to let me wait. But it's fine, you finally arrived at the party."

Al Capone´s counselor enters the podium. Nobody knows him in person. Someone called him the Black Mirror, because if you have a weakness he will detect it.

Black Mirror: "Good afternoon Ladies and Gangsters. Quiet please and let us welcome Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone."

Everybody stands up and starts to cheer like a 12-year-old kid seeing Rocky Marciano winning the first round.

Al moves slowly. He really likes it after being busted. It's the first time he is doing such a meeting with all mobsters around the place. After what felt like an eternity, he arrives at the podium.

Al: "Hey folks. Thank you Blacky, thank you mobsters for coming.

I’d like to tell you something. In the meantime, feel free to have a drink on my costs. I will divide my speech into three parts:

- the past

- current situation

- what will happen next

The past

In April, the company was taken over by City Domination GmbH & Co. KG. We wanna thank Addict Mobile for making this possible.

Since then, we killed a lot of bugs. Finally, we changed the whole environment and increased the performance. We wanna thank App3.0 for re-programming the app and bringing life back to this dead cat.

We have a very good Ambassador Team that supports at the front and helps us to survive. Without your help, I guess we would have 90% more support mails. Thank you, mates.

We kicked more than 28,000 accounts in their asses. 95% of them were MultiAccs, the rest FakeGPS or insults. Everyone digs his own grave, because before we banned them permanently they received a Yellow Card.

As you may know, we included some stuff outside of the App to give you the option to organize your own gang better.

El Fredo tried to give you some kind of new events like the Cartels or the Vendetta Week. We will have a look if it will be worth it and if we will continue it next year.

Finally, we reduced all ranges to a maximum of 7.2 and recalculated them. So that no one has an advantage over someone else.

The current situation

Due to App3.0 we optimized the server issues - guys we know, it's not finished yet, it's still in progress but we will kill'em all. El Fredo included the Forum, so you are able to have a talk with each other and with the Dev Team.

Now, I will give you feedback for the "new" events.

Gang Treasure:

454.000 Gold paid in

Gold Transfers:

4.271.901 Gold was transferred

HQ Map:

Maps were bought 81 times


Summoned 1.102 times while capturing 34.600 tiles.

7.184.733 henchmen were killed.

The player Elfredoo from the Gang B-All-S summoned the Hell_Bot the most => 18 times

Cartel Event:

Triads won 4x

Corleone 3x

Medellín 0x

The Triads captured 86.195 squares.

Corleone Cartel captured 160.959 squares.

Medellin lost -30.084 squares

What will happen next

In the beginning of the new year, we will find a solution for the “zero defense” tile problem. But don´t be afraid, no one will lose squares. Otherwise, we have to find a solution to give you more event benefits. 3.000 Gold for the first place? My son gets more pocket money for being nice. And what about the Gang Points? Hell, some of you have to farm GP for ages to reach level 90. It's not our expectation that you are only playing for farming Gang Points. So, we have to think about how you can earn GP more easily compared to nowadays.

That brings us to the content issues. On the one hand, we think that the content is not complete. Some of you guys gave us interesting ideas:

- more buildings (like an airport, military camp, operation center or a GP bank)

- tiles with surprise

- more items (like a bomb that destroys entire departments /...)

- a character and crafting system

- more ranks

- a better diplomacy function

On the other hand, we´d like to involve you more, before we are starting to do something.

Next year, we will start to do some marketing stuff. Without competition, the greatest game is boring. So pls welcome new players in City Domination.

Before we raise the glasses to cheer, I wanna say thank you for being with us during these hard times. We are looking forward to bringing back the good old candy times when we all loved to play."

Al Capone raised his glass and toasted the auditorium: "Cheers, mobs!"

The crowd followed suit and everyone grinned wildly.

However, Al was not finished with his speech and calmed down the crowd.

Al: "I am aware that some of you are trying to build your own gang and dispute my territories, I know it and I still tolerate it because you are attracting the attention of the cops. I am nice, but you are challenging me - I'll show you how nice I really can be. I hired my killer to observe you (GoldenHitman) and he knows who of you wants me bad. Soon, I'll show you other sides, but at a different time. "

Al raised his glass again (this time in your direction): "Cheers, my friend!"

Grinning, Al left the stage knowing it would be harder for you next year - but you won’t make it easy for him.


Facebook-Event: https://www.facebook.com/CityDomination/posts/1892306344130090" target="_blank">www.facebook.com/CityDomination/posts/1892306344130090">https://www.facebook.com/CityDomination/posts/1892306344130090

For every Like AND every Sharing (we will count it together) every active* Player will get 5x Gold.

Example: 20 Likes and 20 Shares = 200 Gold for every active* Player.

This Event ends on 31.12.2017

*must have been logged in during December 2017