Wendsday, 10.08.2016
🔫Grunt44🔫 - 16:07:18 pm
Fucken mole. Go kill yourself. 🔫🔫. I'm out

Tuesday, 09.08.2016
☠ βєѧṡт ☠ - 20:15:22 pm
No One comment on here anymore there's a fuckin mole snooping around

Saturday, 06.08.2016
Forbidden Spaz - 02:22:10 am
Not today lmao I wore him out so he's sleeping

Friday, 05.08.2016
🌙DФS🌙 - 22:05:08 pm
Ur bf still fucking with u spaz
Forbidden Spaz - 20:45:15 pm
Forbidden Spaz - 08:00:53 am
Not reaper lol
Forbidden Spaz - 07:57:35 am
That fucking foreign faggot won't leave me alone
💀GRIM REAPER💀 - 07:45:39 am
Forbidden Spaz - 07:34:11 am
Forbidden Spaz - 07:33:58 am
I guess I'm gonna spy on u in the shower
💀GRIM REAPER💀 - 07:33:05 am
Getting ready hop in the shower sup with u my spaz
Forbidden Spaz - 07:29:31 am
Sup my reaper!
💀GRIM REAPER💀 - 07:27:25 am
Forbidden Spaz - 07:26:57 am
Forbidden Spaz - 07:26:46 am
I'm hungry toooooooooo
💀GRIM REAPER💀 - 04:20:44 am
Do we get biscuits with the gavey ? I'm hungry lol
☠ βєѧṡт ☠ - 03:57:25 am
RipJawd is staying in BMK as chief! we all gravy

Thursday, 04.08.2016
☠ βєѧṡт ☠ - 17:23:11 pm
for sure
☠ βєѧṡт ☠ - 17:23:04 pm
I'm down with that
🔫Grunt44🔫 - 16:54:55 pm
Then bosses can change when in rotation
🔫Grunt44🔫 - 16:54:04 pm
How bout red back ground. Blue trim and the star for emblem to start with.
🔫Grunt44🔫 - 16:47:07 pm
OK cool. Everyone should start coming over to Thundercats to start the noob process. Then we can start step 1 process. Dub will be waiting for applications. Hell yeah Ladies and Gents. I'm fucken excited for this to happen. And glad we can be 1 big Fam!
☠ βєѧṡт ☠ - 15:45:00 pm
I for sure did spaz is on the same page as well as spratt.
🔫Grunt44🔫 - 14:40:57 pm
So is everyone ready. Did everyone agree with my step plan?
🔫Grunt44🔫 - 14:38:39 pm
Morning everyone!
Spratt - 13:50:25 pm
like the moon and the spade. ♠️
Forbidden Spaz - 06:21:27 am
Nite y'all
🌙DфՏΔĞΣ🌙 - 04:57:58 am
The symbols I like obviously the moon, the earth, & the star is cool.
☠ βєѧṡт ☠ - 00:20:13 am
yea symbol and colors could be changed by chief in charge at the time unless everyone doesn't like the colors and emblem.
Forbidden Spaz - 00:07:17 am
I'm gonna go make my omelet now
Spratt - 00:05:59 am
have fun.
Dubtee - 00:05:28 am
I'm bout to throw down on some 2k16 so I'll check in later phones gotta charge
Forbidden Spaz - 00:03:50 am
Sorry lmao
Dubtee - 00:03:41 am
Forbidden Spaz - 00:03:33 am
Dubtee - 00:03:14 am
OK just say when
Spratt - 00:02:57 am
I good with keeping names till we merge fully or take first
Spratt - 00:02:23 am
can be rotated same with logo whatever chief wants unless people don't like it

Wendsday, 03.08.2016
Dubtee - 23:59:59 pm
Dubtee - 23:59:47 pm
Dubtee - 23:59:42 pm
Lol just checking in had it
Dubtee - 23:59:16 pm
Spratt - 23:58:17 pm
like 💥United States Assassins💥
Forbidden Spaz - 23:56:30 pm
I dunno lol
Dubtee - 23:54:59 pm
So what's the gang name shown U.S.A or full name
Dubtee - 23:53:43 pm
Forbidden Spaz - 23:53:22 pm
Dubtee - 23:52:43 pm
I just gotta give one more hoooooes out my system and I'll change the name
Dubtee - 23:50:00 pm
I just want the star as icon for Allstars lol
Dubtee - 23:49:14 pm
I'm game for what ever grunt decided

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