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0. How i can create a new account, if i allready have one on my device?
1. I can't login. What i have to do?
2. I forget my password. How i get a new one?
3. I get the message "migration -1", if i start the game. What does it mean?


4. Can i switch my cartel?
5. How do i report a cheater?
6. How does it work?
7. How long i am recruit?
8. How offen i can build a headquarter?
9. I can't join the map? I get the message, that i have to deactivate "fictional positions"
10. I found a bug. How do i report it to a developer?
11. Is it possible to have a negative conquering in a month?
12. Is it possible to recognize which gang belongs to which cartel?
13. Is there any official banlist?
14. It's totally unfair, I have to fight against big gangs in other cartels!
15. The texts, symbols and eras of the cartels do not match with the real history!
16. What happens if I conquer a square from another gang that is in the same cartel?
17. What should i do to enter a cartel?


18. What i have to do, if i didn't get my ingame purchases?
19. Why there are diffent prices for ingamesales, between iOS and Android?